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Eroticism is a very important issue for us - and the eroticism as it is seen by women, is, by far, our key issue. We think that there is still a lack of an open discussion on what women find erotic. It seems the women themselves very often do not know much about the erotism and thus allow for the male perspective to dominate.

Eroticism through women's eyes is created by women for women. We want to explore our erotic potential, learn to find the erotic delights and experience them to the full. Perhaps we will help you to discover new emotions you have never dreamt about before - and that's exactly what we aim at here!

Feel free to explore our shamless diaries, where you can find some wonderful and shameless accounts on erotic games and wickedness - more or less daring. Browse freely in the search of erotic toys and gadgets, games and roleplays of yours, reviews of some of the sultriest films, stories, pictures, and more.

Join our board to discuss all the erotic issues and blog on you erotic conquests. We will be extremely happy if you drop us a line - or an article! - on your erotic views.

Any suggestions on what we should talk about on rozkoszno.pl ? Share a thought or two on how we are doing - the service is yours to play with it. We do want to have your say on the eroticism - we think we know a lot on it but you are the real experts!

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